About NU: MO

We are a professional team that can help developers manage real estate projects from idea to final sale.

We have been working in the real estate market for twenty years. During those years, we have developed our know-how principles, sharing them with our clients, together we went through the challenges and managed them in various stages of projects development. A lot of real estate objects have been developed and sold with our help. Every day we analyze and follow up the real estate market, monitor price changes and customer needs.

We are guided not only by analyzes and forecasts, but also by our personal and customer experience. We are ready to help you implement real estate business ideas. And if you want to invest or start a real estate business - we are ready to consult you. We will advise you on where to build, what type of project to develop, evaluate the economic value, create a plan for the sale of future property and a pricing strategy. We will help you make the best architectural, engineering and constructive decisions.

About NU: MO


We work both with novice builders and large developers, individuals and legal entities.

We work both with novice builders and large developers. We provide them with all kind of help, advice and accompany the client from the idea to the final sale of the real estate project. We provide services to individuals and legal entities who want to sell or rent real estate - an apartment, house, land, homestead or commercial premises. We work with people who is looking for the most attractive real estate for them, whether for living, leisure or investment.

Development consulting

Development consulting
Development consulting
  • Consultation on your project idea;
  • Market analysis and selection of the best solution;
  • Economic evaluation of the project and research of the most suitable solution;
  • Finding the most suitable land plot for the project and assistance in acquiring it;
  • Preparation of a project development plan, from the acquisition of the land plot to the sale strategy;
  • Analysis of the architectural and constructive part of the project;
  • Supervision of the project proper implementation;
  • Development of marketing and sales strategies;
  • Implementation of sales strategy, search for potential customers, negotiations with customers;
  • Coordination of sales process, contract signing with customers;
  • Continuous monitoring of the project and evaluation of the results.

Sale of real estate

Sale of real estate
Sale of real estate

We professionally mediate in the process of selling real estate:

  • Determining the market price of your real estate;
  • Performing a comparative analysis of real estate based not only on ad portals but also on reports of properties sold;
  • Helping to prepare your real estate for sale professionally;
  • Making quality real estate photos, 2D plans or visualizations;
  • Describing your real estate attractively and thus increasing the chances of selling it faster;
  • We are advertising your real estate on the most popular real estate advertising portals, among agents and our potential clients;
  • Cooperating with other real estate specialists, property appraisers, notaries, bank consultants;
  • Organizing surveys, open days and promotional campaigns;
  • Communicating with potential customers, analyzing their reactions and participating in the negotiation process;
  • Assisting in the preparation of all documents required for the purchase and sale of the object.



We work with people who are looking for the most attractive real estate for them, both for living, recreation or investment. We save your time looking for the most suitable Real Estate for you, whether it is a cozy apartment in the Old Town of Vilnius or a huge investment project. Anything is possible when you have experience.

Easy real estate change

Easy real estate change
Easy real estate change

NU:MO professionals will help you to sell your old home, choose a new home and buy it in the most convenient way. We take care of the smooth and thoughtful process of selling and buying real estate.

Settle into a new home without any worries!

Our team:

  • Will save time and money for you by selling one and buying another property;
  • Organize the whole purchase-sale process from the preparation of documents to the installation and relocation of new housing;
  • Will ensure that the client would face as few worries as possible when switching from one home to another and be able to enjoy a future idyllic living in a new house;
  • Will proactively respond to any changes in the sales process and customer preferences;
  • Ensure prompt implementation of planned purchase, sale, installation and relocation processes.